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Have Questions about Mesothelioma Diagnosis & Treatment?

Our experienced mesothelioma nurses have decades of experience working with mesothelioma patients and their families. Patients and families affected by mesothelioma can get free information and help.

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Need Legal Assistance?

Our mesothelioma attorneys have recovered billions of dollars for thousands of clients over the past 40 years. You may be entitled to financial compensation from the billions set aside for qualified asbestos victims.

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Meso123.com and its component sites MesotheliomaQuestions.com and MesoLawyersCare.org are new. They are the result of decades of experience of working with, helping and listening to mesothelioma patients and their families – work which continues to this day.

From the outset of diagnosis we know of the urgent need to be informed about mesothelioma and the myriad of questions resulting. Not only the medical side of things, but about treatments, centers of excellence, what clinical trials are current, where are they located, travel for treatment, costs, finances, legal matters and literally hundreds more.

Before Meso123.com, there were many places to find lots of information, but there wasn’t anywhere to find the most vital information in one place. And more importantly, there was not an all-encompassing resource to find information and answers to questions from medical and legal professionals actively involved with patients and families on a daily basis and with decades of experience.

Now this resource exists and thank you for being here. Meso123.com is an easy name to remember and that’s one of the reasons for the name. It also describes the unique resources we provide.

Meso 1 is Meso123.com

Meso123.com is where you are now. It is your doorway into a brand new, up-to-date set of information and resources to provide answers and help to mesothelioma patients and their families.

Meso 2 is MesotheliomaQuestions.com

It is where you will find our mesothelioma nurses and other members of their team. Eleanor (“Ellie”) Ericson RN and Lisa Hyde-Barrett RN are two of the most experienced mesothelioma nurses you will find anywhere.

Each has over two decades of experience working with patients and families at one of our nation’s foremost mesothelioma treatment hospitals.

Ellie and Lisa continue to work with mesothelioma patients day in and day out. They are here to provide medical help, advice and support to patients diagnosed with mesothelioma and their families.

Additionally, MesotheliomaQuestions.com aims to provide really useful, up-to-date and important medical information and forums to answer your questions.

There are contributions from a fully licensed social worker and certified veterans benefits specialist both with decades of experience in helping mesothelioma patients and their families.

Meso 3 is MesoLawyersCare.org

This is where decades of legal experience are here to help you. You will get answers to the important questions that you have about legal claims and financial compensation.

We, are four of the leading mesothelioma law firms in the United States who have come together to work hand-in-hand with our nurses and other professionals to provide you with the help that you deserve, drawing from our decades of experience and success representing mesothelioma patients and their families.

Very importantly for us, MesoLawyersCare.org, in addition to caring about patients and families, is also concerned about the greater mesothelioma community. We care about medical research, caregivers, hospitals, treatment centers and all those who are involved with, and care for, mesothelioma patients and families. Because we care and want to help, MesoLawyersCare.org gives back to the mesothelioma medical community.

Each of our four nationwide law firms involved in this work has pledged to continue through MesoLawyersCare.org our individual records of charitable giving, which total together over $10 million.

By coming together to provide legal help to mesothelioma patients and by combining our efforts to give back to the mesothelioma medical community, we are demonstrating that the whole of MesoLawyersCare.org is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Together we are stronger and together we can provide more help and make more of a difference.

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